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Board Members (10)


He is a leading labour academic and activists with over 15 years teaching experience of ZCTU trade unions para-legal and students at University of Zimbabwe.  He is currently the Acting Director - Commercial Law Institute, Labour Law Lecture University of Zimbabwe. 

Vice Chairperson

She is the Women’s Desk Co-ordinator of National Union of the Clothing Industry.  She has got years of experience in Trade Unionism having started Trade Union work at a very tender age. 


Mr. Matsikidze has got wealth experience in labour issues having represented a number of workers and trade unions in various cases.  He is the acting Director, Legal Aid Clinic and Students Attachment Division and also the Legal Proctor of the University of Zimbabwe. He has done a lot of editing in Labour.

Centre Director

Ms Choto has wealth of experience as a social justice activist after having participated in a number of workers and social justice struggles.  Has worked for several years as a Communications Specialist and brings wealth of experience on managing the Centre.

College Principal

General Secretary – Zimbabwe Graphical and Allied Workers Union. As trade unionists, he has a lot of experience in struggle for workers rights.   He is a registered arbitrator.  He also teaches at the Briggs Zano Working Peoples College. 

He is currently a Projects Lawyer – Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

He is General Secretary of National Union of the Clothing Industry (NUCI). 

Unit Coordinator for Marketing Principles – University of Western Sydney


Based in Cape Town – South Africa, he is a long time Human Rights and Social justice activist. 

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