The Reform and Advocacy

The Reform and Advocacy department is active in promoting issues of democracy, socio-economic and political justice, working with similar-minded movements. 

Under its Reform and Advocacy department ZLC has been involved in the project for a Working People –Driven and Democratic Constitutional Reform Process which started in 2009.   With funding from Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and OSISA it embarked on a project for a Working people driven and Democratic Constitutional reform process in Zimbabwe.   

The main aim of the project is to help facilitate the theoretical, advocacy and mobilisation capacities of key sections of working people during the constitutional exercise ensuring that working people’s economic and political demands are an integral part of the new constitutional dispensation.  This involved mass popular participation, politicisation and advocacy through leaflets, posters, pamphlets, specific meetings, workshops and lectures aimed at fighting for the inclusion of labour, gender and socio-economic rights in any new constitution. 


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