Aims and Objectives

ZLC is a working people – based organisation whose aims include:

  1. Promoting the struggles of working people by helping develop their legal, administrative, economic and intellectual capacities with particular reference to; workers committees, trade unions, farm workers, contract workers, child workers and women workers as well as defence of the rights to organise, bargain and strike.
  2. Promoting struggles of the labouring commons for a just and fair workplace and society as well as equitable sharing of the fruits of collective social labour.  The right to work for the informal sector i.e. cross-border traders, street vendors etc.
  3. To empower working people’s struggles through research and publications, training and advocacy for policy reform on labour and human rights as well as the creation of relevant economic and social policies.
  4. To strengthen and facilitate solidarity between struggles of workers with those of other oppressed and exploited segments of society, locally, regionally and internationally.

The ZLC was set up to benefit working people in their struggles for a just, equitable, democratic workplace and society at large through training, legal aid, research and advocacy.  The Centre carries its work through three departments namely: (i) the Legal Aid Clinic, (ii) Democracy, Reform and Advocacy; and the (iii) Briggs Zano Working People’s College and the Research and Publications Department. 

Contact Us

Contact Mercy Makumbe

1st Floor, South Wing, Jubilee Centre
Cnr 5th & Livingstone Ave

+263 4 762154

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